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There's no doubting that a refurbishment project can be very costly but why use your savings or impede cash-flow for something that you will be seeing the benefits of for the next 10-15 possibly even 20 years.

We can provide Unsecured loans for the project over 1-7 years. All payments are fixed for the term of the finance, so you do not need to worry about Bank of England base rate changes and inflation.

Funds are paid direct to you so that you can manage payments to trades as required.

For opticians, it may be better option to look at a Finance Lease for the project which would mean VAT is spread over the term reducing the impact on De Minimis/Partial Allowance limits so you can continue to reclaim VAT.

Arranging finance is very straight forward and in most cases all we need is a little information about the Practice, Partner/Director details and a copy of your last accounts.

Our short application form is available here or we can take this information over the phone if you prefer.

Approvals usually confirmed within 24 hours.

Importantly, we will always discuss your requirements to ensure we provide the best and most tax efficient option for you. We are always happy to chat direct to your accountant if you’d prefer.


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