Frequently asked questions

With just a little information we can usually provide go ahead within 24 hours.

Our expertise ensures we provide an approval in over 98% of cases.

We pride ourselves on making thing easy allowing you to concentrate on your 'day job'. Basic information and maybe latest accounts are often all that is required.

We keep documentation to a minimum. When signing agreements, we will explain where signatures are needed and, in most cases, this can be electronically signed in just a few minutes by email if preferred.

Abacus work with a wide range of lenders so we are likely to be able to cover as much as you need. We have previously financed £2,500 up to £1M.

Being independent, Abacus are not tied to any specific suppliers and have relationships with virtually all the suppliers in the Optical and Dental markets. We can usually work with whoever you choose.

We can write terms from 6 months to 7 years.

All facilities provided by Abacus Professions Finance provide ownership of the equipment at the end of the agreement. This is not always the case with other providers so worth checking.

All our agreements can be settled early with no penalty. You are generally contracted to pay all amounts due less a discount for early settlement.

No problem. You can either request to transfer the agreement to the new owner or include the finance settlement in the business sale.

You can budget with certainty as all Abacus agreements have fixed monthly payments for the lifetime of the agreement.

You can spread the costs of vital new equipment to grow your business whilst keeping valuable cash in the bank. You can also claim tax relief on the monthly payments or equipment cost depending on which facility you use.

Super deduction is a temporary 130% tax relief for limited companies on certain assets in the year of purchase. The facility is available until 31st March 2023.

We are very happy to contact your accountant directly or for you to pass on our details.

The right advice at the right price

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